A Truth

…with knowledge of the beginning
a simple fact persist
the birth (Big Bang) of the Universe
actually proves that God exist


King Obama

(Note to DOJ – this is my opinion and therefore protected speech)


“President Obama’s premature withdrawal (yes, I meant this to have a double meaning), of our Forces from Iraq was just another BIG mistake (one of many) he can add to his list of failures.

Obama-the-Liar continues to display a complete lack of concern for American Men and Women in the US Military.  The fact that the ultimate sacrifice was paid by so many to free Iraq Citizens from Radical Islamic Terrorist apparently means nothing to this “Wan’na be First King of America”.

Obama-the-Liar’s steadfast adherence to an Ideology not embraced by most Americans simply proves he is only interested in Democratic Political concerns.  Every decision he makes is tainted, and therefore governed by solidifying the Socialist Progressive Democrats grasp of power within not only the Executive Branch, but also the Judicial and Legislative Branches of American Government.

President Obama does not care about your Sons and Daughters.  Nor does he care about you, other than your Vote.  Apparently he only cares about himself, his political party, and his continued attempt to amass power.” ~Sailor …..


The Pledge of Allegiance

New Oklahoma Bill Requires Elementary Schools To Recite “The Pledge of Allegiance” Daily

The Pledge



F A N T A S T I C ! …..if someone is not willing, at the very least, to pledge their allegiance to the country they are living in (enjoying all the protection and benefits of), then they are in the wrong country. You are not a "whatever"-American, as if your brand of American is better than another’s. In the United States of America we are all equal, and all are of one group: Citizens of the USA (without pre names separating us into specific groups for the Politicians to pit one-against-the-other. At this very moment we can take that power away from the Elite Bureaucrats.

Remember: Governing power does not magically bestow itself upon the elected – it is the voting citizen that bestows that power. We must repeal all Laws created by the Elite Bureaucrats exempting themselves from following the Laws they impose on the citizenry. We must also repeal any Law that stops the voters from recalling any elected official. We have it within our power to cause elected officials to actually do the work of the people, and not that of special interest groups.

The United States of America is a wonderful Political experiment that does have a predictable future, but only if our elected Representatives truly speak for the Majority, while at the same time giving weight to the needs of the Minority. Compromise does not mean giving-up on the principles upon which this Nation was established – it does mean reaching a consensus on the path to be taken, without ignoring the path less traveled, i.e. just because the Majority believes a particular set of Morals shall be the basis upon which we determine our Laws, does not mean we can enact Laws suppressing the rights of the Minority.

Yes, it’s very complicated, but that’s why we elect representatives – if they are not up to the task, they should be replaced.

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Inclement Conditions

…..and life goes on – Sunday, December 29, 2013 (One Month to my 71st year on Earth)

(“……and, just what is my money really worth?” ~a concerned consumer)


What is money anyway? Simply put, it’s printed paper declaring itself to be of value. The printed paper indicates it’s a “Bearer” instrument of the specified value, but there is no guarantee of that value, not beyond that of a piece of paper partially covered with inks.


A Producer puts a numeric value on a product. Market forces prevail and paper is traded for goods. In truth, Sellers (desire) wish to maximize that numeric value. Supply and Demand rule the transaction between Buyer and Seller.

This is, at best (agreed on by dominant Governments), a transient mutual trust. There is no guarantee the perceived value of your money will not fall to zero in the next minute. None!


Have faith my Sisters and Brothers, for without that attribute the paper in your wallet is all you will have to eat. If Sellers refuse to accept your paper money, you will be left with nothing, i.e. unless you grow-it, make-it, etc. you will go without. Ah, that’s where the notion, “…God helps those who help themselves” comes in. Please take notice, within this simple statement, there is no mention of a Government stepping in for God, and truth-be-told, that’s a wee-bit arrogant.


I cannot help myself. Actually, Progressives leave themselves bare for the following observation: For some reason, after having been elected, Politicians (especially Democrats) begin to believe they are better than the Citizenry, and therefore know better than most of the Electorate. By keeping a separation of Church and State, Politicians are free to say your Freedoms are a product of Government, to be granted, and/or, taken by the Government and their unelected Bureaucrats.

T H E – S O L U T I O N – I S – S I M P L E

  • With all the confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), there is one question I keep hearing (I will paraphrase as the question is asked many different ways).
    “Who will pay for my medical care?” Please notice the word ‘who’. Even television insurance advertisements ask the question “Who will pay?” Never, “How will I pay?”

  • A simple solution to this major problem does exist, and has been proposed (in one form or another) by many fiscal conservatives for years. Now it’s time to take another look at this extremely simple solution.

  • A Medical Savings Account.

  • It goes like this: Whatever Obama Care says your Health Insurance Premium should be, you will be required [by Law] to deposit that amount [monthly] into your mandatory Health Savings Account. You will be paying the premium anyway, why not into your own account rather than give it to an insurance company? And, like all Saving Accounts, it earns Interest.
    Some will say, “With this plan I can’t get sick for three years – before it will be able to pay for my medical needs.” ▬► I say, “NOT TRUE!” For new accounts with few deposits, the Government can guarantee that the account is able to pay-out an amount equal to five years of monthly premiums (deposits).

  • Pay Your Own
  • The average middle-middle income in the US is $52,000.00 (give or take), and let’s say your monthly premium for ‘Gold’ coverage is $1,000.00 per month. This is 23% of your income, and yes, I know this is high – let’s hope it will actually be lower, on average, for the majority of Tax paying wage earners.
    The above example will yield the following results: At the end of the first year you will have saved $12,000.00, and with the Government guarantee you can cover up-to $60,000.00 in medical expenses.
  • Yes, it’s that simple, and you are not supporting Insurance Companies. This will not put them out of business as they will still offer Auto, Home, Business, Life, etc. insurance, as well as major catastrophic medical insurance for those wishing additional coverage.
    With the example presented, during the first five years you will have a guaranteed account that should be more than enough to cover most, if not all of your medical expenses, and since this is YOUR MONEY, you will be less likely to spend it in any frivolous manner.

  • The money in your Medical Savings Account will be for medical expenses ONLY, and will not be available for any other need. From day one, and all the way to your 70th year, your Medical Savings Account will pay your medical expenses. At age 70 you will qualify for Social Security and be covered by Medicare. At that time your Medical Savings Account will convert to a regular Savings Account – your retirement will be financially secure. → Let’s say you started at age 20. By your 70th birthday you will have saved $600,000.00 plus interest and less any medical expenses.
    Look, you are going to pay a Health Insurance Premium anyway, why not pay it to your own account?

  • Additional problems need to be addresses like Tort Reform (put an end to endless, stupid law suits), and the ability for ALL Insurance Companies to be able to sell their products in all 50 states – let’s put an end to special interest minorities imposing extra burdens on the majority (IF YOU DON’T EARN IT, YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO IT – simple as that). The rest of us work for our income, why should we give some of it to you just because you are too lazy to get a job? Special needs, because of special circumstances will always be covered, but the rest of you can earn your own way, or suffer the consequences of your own actions (or inactions) – you must earn your own way and stop relying on others to take care of you – we won’t, not any more.

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Nothing Today





Why I got nothing done today

a sleepy morning at the local café

the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet

and there upon my mind display

I saw a World of sleep and play

Welcome Scan

They live a life without delay

needs provided by Government pay

but much to their amazed dismay

the Public coffers began to decay

"Here’s your Espresso …make-way!"



I looked up and began to say

to clear the air and find a way

hoping not to sound passé

I was simply blown away

magnificent beauty on display

*   *   *   *   *

The Gin we shared ……ah yes, Bombay

bent our minds and made us sway

 Bombay Gin


and you know

I’ll never forget that beautiful day

I’ll even remember the lovely bouquet

another early morning at the local café

now a permanent record in my dossier

and the beautiful lady I let slip away

I still can hear her voice today

singing the words as she would say

"Keep dreaming my Sailor, now go out and play."


© Sailor    May 11,2012      ALL RIGHTS RESERVED    Revised  June 17, 2013


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Searching for the One

Broad Reach

With the early morning off-shore breeze

on a broad-reach tacking toward shore

thinking on the harbor once promised

and if I really ever wanted more


Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

morning finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip


Visiting the local breakfast house

sounding for that sympathetic ear

“Hey Sailor, ….another warm-up?”

“Ah … what? Oh … yes dear.”


Sun Shield


I watch while they quickly consume

devouring needed calories for the day

witnessing distorted mental pathways

their thought’s exposed and on display


The open ocean

the only truth

supporting life and building land

sailing offshore each day alone

was never this sailor’s real plan


Open Ocean 2


Land-lubbers scurry ‘round their cities

building ant-hills atop one another

the open oceans of Mother Earth

would probably make them shudder


Finding that very special individual

adds to the complexity of the quest

though I grow much older

I’ll continue looking for the best


Upon this Earth, the lady doth exist

my knowledge proves this to be true

but finding that one particular girl

has its’ own way of making me blue


Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

morning finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip


The energy and freedom of youth

is definitely wasted on the young

with knowledge only gained in time

can one’s own song be sung


Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

afternoon finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip


These are the simple thoughts

of a Sailor who’s now grown old

questioning some of the choices

knowing the dream can not be sold


Wandering early in the evening

a friendly Pub to get a sip

another place for me to search

looking for one to share the trip


Open Ocean


Gathering courage from Captain Morgan

chased with a shot or two for the smile

telling inebriated ‘tall tales’ of life at sea

a gallant effort going that extra mile


Close moves an interesting companion

a serendipitous moment in time

wondering .…could she be the one?

this evening may end sublime


Walking weatherworn docks

she called my boat a ship

I smile as I continue

looking for one to share the trip


© SailorNovember 02, 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Revised May 27, 2012

Re-revised October 18, 2012

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