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Nothing Today





Why I got nothing done today

a sleepy morning at the local café

the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet

and there upon my mind display

I saw a World of sleep and play

Welcome Scan

They live a life without delay

needs provided by Government pay

but much to their amazed dismay

the Public coffers began to decay

"Here’s your Espresso …make-way!"



I looked up and began to say

to clear the air and find a way

hoping not to sound passé

I was simply blown away

magnificent beauty on display

*   *   *   *   *

The Gin we shared ……ah yes, Bombay

bent our minds and made us sway

 Bombay Gin


and you know

I’ll never forget that beautiful day

I’ll even remember the lovely bouquet

another early morning at the local café

now a permanent record in my dossier

and the beautiful lady I let slip away

I still can hear her voice today

singing the words as she would say

"Keep dreaming my Sailor, now go out and play."


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Full Moon

Having just experienced a lunar eclipse on the longest night, and shortest day of this years trip around the sun, I watched as the full Moon, in all its splendor, reflected its influence on the Earth.

Moon 1


Did not the joy in last nights sky

make you smile and get you high

Did not the glow from Her bright eyes

make you feel your natural ties

Now toward the future you can fly

accepting life’s noises with a sigh


Moon 2

The Goddess shows her reflected sunlight

filling the need to plant at night

She shares Her joy for all to see

like opening the land to plant a tree


Moon 3


Mother Earth accepts without a sound

whatever we choose to place in the ground

and She will give as we set the seed

providing all the new growths need


Moon 4


With the Goddess full and overhead

rest the seeds upon their bed

While counting on Her you bypass rejection

it’s three Moons …… sprout to harvest

now that’s perfection


Moon 5


“Just had to shed a bit of light

about the Moon I saw last night”

©  Sailor

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