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…and once again, the time has come and gone. This leaves one to wonder – that’s all.”

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Following a Thread of Truth”


So, if I am to understand correctly

as subjective as that may seem to be

a major change is on the horizon

May 21, 2011 is displayed up on the marquee


One group of the many populating the Earth

believes on that day HE will return

knowing what we think we know

is like spinning in place at Cern


There is this need most people seem to have

an overwhelming desire to be first

not only with task accomplished

but for knowledge of the future we thirst


They say the rapture happens in six days

I have been searching for the truth

understanding the reason of existence

while looking for the fountain of youth


With knowledge of the true beginning

a fundamental fact persists

for the Universe to come from nothing

simply proves a God exist

May 5, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved

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