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The State of the Union


a re-election campaign

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Another unscripted gathering at the local watering hole

where all the problems plaguing us are solved in one night

coming to grips with this conflict of civility

confusion, misapplication of words spoken created the fight


Reporting the news, even with the pundit’s twist

opinions blended with misleading facts

spewed venomous accusation

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So confused I have become

witnessing the social engine of change

to topple subversive corrupt governments

a most honorable mission to arrange

How shall we dispose

of tyrannical regimes

unarmed shoulder-to-shoulder

seems ridiculous to me

and how shall we protect

our precious way-of-life

from the burden of over-taxation

regulation, and civil/social strife

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They claim he acts like a blubbering fool

as the new Speaker of the land

but they seem to miss the subject

on which he took a stand

It seems to me

the touchy-feely crowd

has a problem with the Speaker

displaying his emotions out-loud


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One Eleven Eleven


When I arrived

I started afresh

dreams and aspirations

rivaled the best


At thirteen years

an alter-boy to be

the number thirteen

no significance to me


At eighteen years

eyes opened you see

I joined the U.S. Navy

keeping the world free

No citizen of America

living in this fine land

should ever take for granted

their freedoms are at hand

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Serendipitously expecting “Truthful” dialog

Glenn Beck has issued a challenge

to all politically responsible leaders in America

he’s not just trying to scavenge


To suppress the voice of one side

because you disagree

is an attempt to suppress the opinions

and thoughts of anyone that is free


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In God We Trust

all others pay cash

you see this most often

when trying to buy gas


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“EC” Environmentally Correct

Remember the vision of an idea coming to fruition?   The light bulb, bright, over-head?

Have we lost our ability to think?

Conservationist say:

"The light bulb over your heads stink."


Now we are left with our Dairy Queen® squiggle,

Dairy Queen

The Environmentalist say:


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Obama the King

My gosh, the first words that come to my mind

when first trying to say it politely

the American way, a republic so fine

but the Progressives are gripping it tightly

Obama 001 

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I’m rather amused and somewhat confused

the ineptness of some people today

inability to compose

The Emperor has no clothes”

comments are not meant to sway


Many of them say they are bookmarking me

or linking to an RSS feed

within the comment’s a question

not really offering a lesson

CONTACT ME you must plant the seed


You must “click” on the “CONTACT ME” page

found in the header and on the side-bar

You may say near anything you like

the “MY EYES ONLY” security is tight

ask questions or paint me with tar


I offer my humble request to the few

whom find my words just ring true

I do love to write

well into the night

if I couldn’t share with you I’d be blue


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