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Nothing Today





Why I got nothing done today

a sleepy morning at the local café

the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet

and there upon my mind display

I saw a World of sleep and play

Welcome Scan

They live a life without delay

needs provided by Government pay

but much to their amazed dismay

the Public coffers began to decay

"Here’s your Espresso …make-way!"



I looked up and began to say

to clear the air and find a way

hoping not to sound passé

I was simply blown away

magnificent beauty on display

*   *   *   *   *

The Gin we shared ……ah yes, Bombay

bent our minds and made us sway

 Bombay Gin


and you know

I’ll never forget that beautiful day

I’ll even remember the lovely bouquet

another early morning at the local café

now a permanent record in my dossier

and the beautiful lady I let slip away

I still can hear her voice today

singing the words as she would say

"Keep dreaming my Sailor, now go out and play."


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I’m rather amused and somewhat confused

the ineptness of some people today

inability to compose

The Emperor has no clothes”

comments are not meant to sway


Many of them say they are bookmarking me

or linking to an RSS feed

within the comment’s a question

not really offering a lesson

CONTACT ME you must plant the seed


You must “click” on the “CONTACT ME” page

found in the header and on the side-bar

You may say near anything you like

the “MY EYES ONLY” security is tight

ask questions or paint me with tar


I offer my humble request to the few

whom find my words just ring true

I do love to write

well into the night

if I couldn’t share with you I’d be blue


©  Sailor  January 6, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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