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Nothing Today





Why I got nothing done today

a sleepy morning at the local café

the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet

and there upon my mind display

I saw a World of sleep and play

Welcome Scan

They live a life without delay

needs provided by Government pay

but much to their amazed dismay

the Public coffers began to decay

"Here’s your Espresso …make-way!"



I looked up and began to say

to clear the air and find a way

hoping not to sound passé

I was simply blown away

magnificent beauty on display

*   *   *   *   *

The Gin we shared ……ah yes, Bombay

bent our minds and made us sway

 Bombay Gin


and you know

I’ll never forget that beautiful day

I’ll even remember the lovely bouquet

another early morning at the local café

now a permanent record in my dossier

and the beautiful lady I let slip away

I still can hear her voice today

singing the words as she would say

"Keep dreaming my Sailor, now go out and play."


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 Sometimes I wonder

you know when I’m down

just why is The Path

so hard to be found

 Techno 02

The hours of our life on Earth count toward a seemingly infinite, yet inevitable ever changing conclusion


Pondering many wonders brought moments of pleasure

realizing there will never be enough time

fascinated by socio-technological advancement

upon the path still looking for a sign 

Fear the unknown

no I don’t dare

I embrace the unknown

my future to snare

By reducing our lives to a number of days

we foster internal procrastination

having looked, thinking there is plenty of time

we squander moments in blind fascination 

Fear the unknown

no don’t you dare

Embrace the unknown

your future to snare

© Sailor August 30, 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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When I arrived

I started afresh

dreams and aspirations

rivaled the best

At thirteen years

an alter-boy to be

the number thirteen

no significance to me

The Butterfly

At eighteen years

eyes opened you see

I joined the U.S. Navy

to keep the world free


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…and once again, the time has come and gone. This leaves one to wonder – that’s all.”

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Following a Thread of Truth”


So, if I am to understand correctly

as subjective as that may seem to be

a major change is on the horizon

May 21, 2011 is displayed up on the marquee


One group of the many populating the Earth

believes on that day HE will return

knowing what we think we know

is like spinning in place at Cern


There is this need most people seem to have

an overwhelming desire to be first

not only with task accomplished

but for knowledge of the future we thirst


They say the rapture happens in six days

I have been searching for the truth

understanding the reason of existence

while looking for the fountain of youth


With knowledge of the true beginning

a fundamental fact persists

for the Universe to come from nothing

simply proves a God exist

May 5, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved



“The time has come…” to share the distraction

phrases tumble madly along flights of thought

the starting of two novels has been presented

three remain half written waiting to be caught


Please go to:


Writing these words while the mist begins to clear

long time spent staring at the next empty line

a clear understanding of the game being played

reveals manufactured distractions to create the decline


Sorry for interrupting the poem.  However, the necessity to explain, something others have demanded.  Being the minimalist, I rather enjoyed the one hundred-forty character limitation.  With all that is going on today, getting the news becomes paramount, but, another however.  I hate abbreviations like: i c u 2, and the like.


Pretending, believing, there IS still plenty of time

convincing myself, “poetry is not a crime”


Also go to:


Many distractions of which Twitter® is one

has proved to be both entertaining and fun


But if you see @apoetsailor, do say something, I hope

tweet me saying “…back to your writing you dope.”


I’ll get the hint, and the nudge I surly need

who knows, things happen, you have planted the seed.


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Should ‘a




Should have listened to the Poet

</>disclosing our President’s true plan

the Time of Madness is upon us

digested reality hits the fan


Would have considered what He said

diametrical truths of modern time





This he told us is what he wanted to do

I cannot believe the people don’t see

to fundamentally transform America

destroy the Capitalist driven economy

Obama 002 


Revised February 20, 2011

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The State of the Union


a re-election campaign

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Another unscripted gathering at the local watering hole

where all the problems plaguing us are solved in one night

coming to grips with this conflict of civility

confusion, misapplication of words spoken created the fight


Reporting the news, even with the pundit’s twist

opinions blended with misleading facts

spewed venomous accusation

 CLICK HERE to continue


©  Sailor  January 17, 2011    All Rights Reserved



So confused I have become

witnessing the social engine of change

to topple subversive corrupt governments

a most honorable mission to arrange

How shall we dispose

of tyrannical regimes

unarmed shoulder-to-shoulder

seems ridiculous to me

and how shall we protect

our precious way-of-life

from the burden of over-taxation

regulation, and civil/social strife

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©  Sailor  January 14, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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