“The time has come…” to share the distraction

phrases tumble madly along flights of thought

the starting of two novels has been presented

three remain half written waiting to be caught


Please go to: http://www.poetsailor.net/


Writing these words while the mist begins to clear

long time spent staring at the next empty line

a clear understanding of the game being played

reveals manufactured distractions to create the decline


Sorry for interrupting the poem.  However, the necessity to explain, something others have demanded.  Being the minimalist, I rather enjoyed the one hundred-forty character limitation.  With all that is going on today, getting the news becomes paramount, but, another however.  I hate abbreviations like: i c u 2, and the like.


Pretending, believing, there IS still plenty of time

convincing myself, “poetry is not a crime”


Also go to: http://www.poetsailor.net/


Many distractions of which Twitter® is one

has proved to be both entertaining and fun


But if you see @apoetsailor, do say something, I hope

tweet me saying “…back to your writing you dope.”


I’ll get the hint, and the nudge I surly need

who knows, things happen, you have planted the seed.


February 22, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved

Revised: March 28,2011 by Sailor


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