The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm


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Searching for the One

With the early morning off-shore breeze

on a broad-reach tacking toward shore

thinking on the harbor once promised

and if I really ever wanted more

Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

morning finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip

Visiting the local breakfast house

sounding for that sympathetic ear

“Hey Sailor, ….another warm-up?”

“Ah … what? Oh … yes dear.”

I watch while they quickly consume

devouring needed calories for the day

witnessing distorted mental pathways

their thought’s exposed and on display

Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

morning finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip

The open ocean is the only truth

supporting life and building land

sailing far offshore each day alone

was never ever this sailor’s plan

Land-lubbers scurry ‘round their cities

building ant-hills atop one another

the open oceans of Mother Earth

would probably make them shudder

Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

morning finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip

Upon this Earth, the lady doth exist

my knowledge proves this to be true

but finding that one particular girl

has its’ own way of making me blue

Finding that very special individual

adds to the complexity of the quest

even though I grow much older

I’ll continue to looking for the best

Walking weatherworn docks

boat secured in its’ slip

morning finds me wandering

looking for one to share the trip

The energy and freedom of youth

is definitely wasted on the young

with knowledge only gained in time

can one’s own song be sung

These are the simple thoughts

of a Sailor who’s now grown old

questioning some of the choices

knowing the dream can not be sold

Wandering early in the evening

a friendly Pub to get a sip

another place for me to search

looking for one to share the trip

Gathering courage from Captain Morgan

chased with a shot or two for the smile

telling inebriated ‘tall tales’ of life at sea

a gallant effort going that extra mile

Close moves an interesting companion

a serendipitous moment in time

wondering “…could she really be the one?”

this evening will end sublime

Walking weatherworn docks

she called my boat a ship

I smile and continue

looking for one to share the trip

© SailorNovember 02, 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Revised January 9, 2012


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body of economic thought originated by the British economist and government adviser, John Maynard Keynes (1883–1946), whose landmark work, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, was published in 1935. Writing during the Great Depression, Keynes took issue with the classical economists, like Adam Smith, who believed that the economy worked best when left alone. Keynes believed that active government intervention in the marketplace was the only method of ensuring economic growth and stability. He held essentially that insufficient demand causes unemployment and that excessive demand results in inflation; government should therefore manipulate the level of aggregate demand by adjusting levels of government expenditure and taxation. For example, to avoid depression Keynes advocated increased government spending and easy money, resulting in more investment, higher employment, and increased consumer spending.
Keynesian economics has had great influence on the public economic policies of industrial nations, including the United States.
In the 1980s, however, after repeated recessions, slow growth, and high rates of inflation in the U.S., a contrasting outlook, uniting monetarists and “supply siders,” blamed excessive government intervention for troubles in the economy.

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If you hate America so much

  Most will say, "If you hate America so much, why don’t you just leave?”, when they talk/yell to many of the demonstrators/occupiers, but it’s not America they hate, though they are unable to articulate this – nor are they actually intelligent enough to understand the forces [consciously intended] responsible for producing their anger.

Some hate the fact that they work hard every day, and are not wealthy, while most of them HATE, venting all their fears, mistakes, losses, bad choices, missed opportunity, and just plain bad luck, on anyone other than themselves. This hate is driven by the modern day evolution of ‘greed’, and by all indications, greed is evolving exponentially (even daily).

It’s economics, simple but true. The Protesters are ignorant of economics, in fact, most people are ignorant of economics, but it’s economics that makes this all work. Would be in my lifetime (wishful thinking) a wonderful day indeed, when understanding comes to all, and the emotion ‘anger’ becomes a civil exchange of opposing forces.

A delicate balance of opposing ideas, beliefs, and ideologies, and the melding of same into a cohesive understanding of what to expect from each other, and here is the serendipitous part: Both agreeing, at the conclusion of the intercourse and exchange of positions, in full part, with each other.

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When I arrived

I started afresh

dreams and aspirations

rivaled the best

At thirteen years

an alter-boy to be

the number thirteen

no significance to me

The Butterfly

At eighteen years

eyes opened you see

I joined the U.S. Navy

to keep the world free


I have been around for sixty-eight years now, so I guess I should not worry much about the fact that a Cat.3 Hurricane is about 40 hours away.  I live in Beaufort (Cape Lookout), just south of Hatteras.  It appears we will experience a direct hit.  Oh well, so goes life on Earth.

Most of you have wondered where I was – actually the ‘Muse’ within my being seems to have taken the summer off – some might say that I took life off, and they would be right.  What little writing I have been doing (poetry) has been published on my Web site RANDOM THOUGHTS  Realizing my years on Earth are dwindling, more time seems spent thinking and observing – not so much the laborious task of actually writing


Just got a new computer (hope it survives the storm), with voice recognition software (like Dragon Naturally Speaking).  I look forward to sitting back and just speaking and having the computer do the typing.  Besides the recording of paragraphs, via my voice I can do any command or navigation function, i.e.. operate the computer hands-free.

NORTH 34° 43’ 35”

WEST 076° 39’ 08”


At this very moment, the weather is beautiful (86° feels like 95), and this evening will be wonderful on the patio with friends, but come Saturday morning I am sure it will seem like Hell on Earth.  Pray (if you do) for us.  Sailor


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…and once again, the time has come and gone. This leaves one to wonder – that’s all.”

©  Sailor  May 21, 2011 All Rights Reserved



Following a Thread of Truth”


So, if I am to understand correctly

as subjective as that may seem to be

a major change is on the horizon

May 21, 2011 is displayed up on the marquee


One group of the many populating the Earth

believes on that day HE will return

knowing what we think we know

is like spinning in place at Cern


There is this need most people seem to have

an overwhelming desire to be first

not only with task accomplished

but for knowledge of the future we thirst


They say the rapture happens in six days

I have been searching for the truth

understanding the reason of existence

while looking for the fountain of youth


With knowledge of the true beginning

a fundamental fact persists

for the Universe to come from nothing

simply proves a God exist

May 5, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved



“The time has come…” to share the distraction

phrases tumble madly along flights of thought

the starting of two novels has been presented

three remain half written waiting to be caught


Please go to:


Writing these words while the mist begins to clear

long time spent staring at the next empty line

a clear understanding of the game being played

reveals manufactured distractions to create the decline


Sorry for interrupting the poem.  However, the necessity to explain, something others have demanded.  Being the minimalist, I rather enjoyed the one hundred-forty character limitation.  With all that is going on today, getting the news becomes paramount, but, another however.  I hate abbreviations like: i c u 2, and the like.


Pretending, believing, there IS still plenty of time

convincing myself, “poetry is not a crime”


Also go to:


Many distractions of which Twitter® is one

has proved to be both entertaining and fun


But if you see @apoetsailor, do say something, I hope

tweet me saying “…back to your writing you dope.”


I’ll get the hint, and the nudge I surly need

who knows, things happen, you have planted the seed.


February 22, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved

Revised: March 28,2011 by Sailor

Should ‘a




Should have listened to the Poet

</>disclosing our President’s true plan

the Time of Madness is upon us

digested reality hits the fan


Would have considered what He said

diametrical truths of modern time


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