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The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm



I have been around for sixty-eight years now, so I guess I should not worry much about the fact that a Cat.3 Hurricane is about 40 hours away.  I live in Beaufort (Cape Lookout), just south of Hatteras.  It appears we will experience a direct hit.  Oh well, so goes life on Earth.

Most of you have wondered where I was – actually the ‘Muse’ within my being seems to have taken the summer off – some might say that I took life off, and they would be right.  What little writing I have been doing (poetry) has been published on my Web site RANDOM THOUGHTS  Realizing my years on Earth are dwindling, more time seems spent thinking and observing – not so much the laborious task of actually writing


Just got a new computer (hope it survives the storm), with voice recognition software (like Dragon Naturally Speaking).  I look forward to sitting back and just speaking and having the computer do the typing.  Besides the recording of paragraphs, via my voice I can do any command or navigation function, i.e.. operate the computer hands-free.

NORTH 34° 43’ 35”

WEST 076° 39’ 08”


At this very moment, the weather is beautiful (86° feels like 95), and this evening will be wonderful on the patio with friends, but come Saturday morning I am sure it will seem like Hell on Earth.  Pray (if you do) for us.  Sailor

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