The Pledge of Allegiance

New Oklahoma Bill Requires Elementary Schools To Recite “The Pledge of Allegiance” Daily

The Pledge


F A N T A S T I C ! …..if someone is not willing, at the very least, to pledge their allegiance to the country they are living in (enjoying all the protection and benefits of), then they are in the wrong country. You are not a "whatever"-American, as if your brand of American is better than another’s. In the United States of America we are all equal, and all are of one group: Citizens of the USA (without pre names separating us into specific groups for the Politicians to pit one-against-the-other. At this very moment we can take that power away from the Elite Bureaucrats.

Remember: Governing power does not magically bestow itself upon the elected – it is the voting citizen that bestows that power. We must repeal all Laws created by the Elite Bureaucrats exempting themselves from following the Laws they impose on the citizenry. We must also repeal any Law that stops the voters from recalling any elected official. We have it within our power to cause elected officials to actually do the work of the people, and not that of special interest groups.

The United States of America is a wonderful Political experiment that does have a predictable future, but only if our elected Representatives truly speak for the Majority, while at the same time giving weight to the needs of the Minority. Compromise does not mean giving-up on the principles upon which this Nation was established – it does mean reaching a consensus on the path to be taken, without ignoring the path less traveled, i.e. just because the Majority believes a particular set of Morals shall be the basis upon which we determine our Laws, does not mean we can enact Laws suppressing the rights of the Minority.

Yes, it’s very complicated, but that’s why we elect representatives – if they are not up to the task, they should be replaced.

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  1. Gosh folks, if it’s simply enough for me to understand, it ought to be simple enough for the elite to comprehend – don’t y’all think this must be true?


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