The Call

“Hello…Sailor here.”

“Hello.  Rod?”

“No, Sailor.  I don’t know who Rod is.”

“Pardon me?”

“That’s OK.”

“Can I speak with Rod?”

“Sorry, don’t know who Rod is?”

“Let me speak with Rod.”

“You have the wrong number …sorry.”

“This is not Rod’s phone?”


“How long have you had this number.”

“Eight years.”

“No Way!  Rod had this number last week.”

“What number did you call?”

“What’s your number?”

“No, it don’t work that way.  You tell me what number you called, and I’ll tell you if it’s my number, or not.”

“Screw-you …click.”

Wow!  I answered the telephone, allowing it to completely interrupt my thoughts.  I do have an appetite for communication, though not the above abbreviated, nonsensical, rude miscommunication the caller abruptly ended.


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