Think About It

This day like others bloomed with a sigh

   somehow it always brings a tear to my eye

To know that the air is not really clean

   if only you could have seen what I’ve seen

The blue skies have all turned a soft shade of gray

   but those in control tell us this is the way

For the progress of humanity

   for the population today

      for the future economy

         we’ll all have to pay

Now wealth is the prize of the game I won’t play

   still I’m asked to watch while the Planet they slay

Must be mass apathy or mental decay

   morality seams to rot not hearing what I say

Where are the green hills in the land of my birth

   where are the animals that once covered the Earth

Where are the fresh seas I once enjoyed

   before the rape of my home as technology was employed

Have we really progressed with our ill gotten gain

   stand in the forest….you can’t miss Her pain

She cries for our health

   as we cut down the trees

But we’ve proved it to all

   we can bring Her to Her knees


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